What is 407 Training Visa?

The Training Visa, Subclass 407, allows you to work for an Australian employer on a temporary basis to participate in workplace-based training in Australia.

  • Remuneration Package AUD $32,000 to AUD $42,000 per annum!
  • Opportunity to work and live in Australia for up to 2 Years!
  • Full legal working rights and a guaranteed minimum of 30 hours per week of work!
  • Potential pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia!

407 Training Visa Information

  1. The visa period is up to two years.

  2. Trainee has full legal working rights in Australia and you can only work for your sponsor.

  3. Minimum average of 30 hours per week of work.

  4. Trainee will be paid according to Minimum Wages and received Superannuation. Current casual hourly rate is $24.36 per hour (as of 01/07/19).

  5. Trainee will be covered by Work Cover Insurance in the event of injury during work.

  6. Transportation can be arranged at trainee’s cost.

Visa Applicant Requirements

  1. Visa applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

  2. In the past 24 months, you must have either worked or studied full-time for at least 12 months in the Agriculture/Horticulture field.

  3. Provide evidence of Functional English skill.

  4. Meet health and character requirements.

  5. Have Private Health Insurance.

  6. Applicant will be required to sign up for an online course over the two years.

For more information on 407 training visa, visit Immigration website: Click here

407 Visa

We are an Approved Temporary Activities Sponsor for 407 Training Visa by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection!